Stimulating. Energizing. Invigorating.

Need a long-lasting burst of energy and concentration to elevate your day?

Allysian Essentials™ Focus is an uplifting fusion of essential oils scientifically formulated to elevate your sense of clarity, strengthen your stamina, and empower your mind.


Rosemary Floral Tops

Fresh and energizing. Experience a renewed energy and focus – exactly what you needed to power through the day. *1-9

What does rosemary do?

Clinical Research

In a study by Sayorwan et al. (2012), 20 healthy adults were assigned to a rosemary oil or almond oil group. After inhaling the oil aromas, it was found that those in the rosemary group were more active and stated that they felt “fresher.” They also experienced a decrease in the power of alpha waves and an increase in the power of beta waves, which are associated with relaxation and focus, respectively. These findings suggest that rosemary oil has a stimulatory effect. *10

Rosemary Floral Tops

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Peppermint Oil

Sharp and invigorating. Boost your stamina, lessen feelings of tension, and watch the rest of your day fly by smoothly. *1-7

What does peppermint do?

Clinical Research

In a study by Raudenbush et al. (2009), 25 adults were subjected to a driving simulation system while being exposed to peppermint oil scent, cinnamon oil scent, or no scent. Measures of alertness, mood, and workload were assessed. Those in the peppermint oil group had significantly lower ratings of anxiety and fatigue compared to the cinnamon or no scent groups. Both the cinnamon and peppermint groups had lower ratings of frustration, perceived mental workload, and higher ratings of alertness. *5

Peppermint Oil

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Sage Leaves

Strong with a spicy nuance. Achieve a state of heightened clarity and alertness, giving you the confidence to make decisions and accomplish tasks. *1-4

What does sage do ?

Clinical Research

In a study by Moss et al. (2010), 135 healthy adults were randomly assigned to a no aroma group or one of two sage aroma groups (Salvia officinalis or Salvia lavandulaefolia). They performed cognitive tests while exposed to the aromas and filled out a mood questionnaire before and after exposure. Results indicated that those in the Salvia officinalis group performed significantly better on measures of memory compared to the no aroma group. As well, both sage groups experienced increased alertness, whereas the no aroma group experienced decreased alertness. *2

Sage Leaves

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Full Ingredient List

Rosmarinus officinalis, floral top (rosemary), Mentha piperita L., leaf (peppermint), Salvia officinalis, leaf (sage), Santalum album, stem (sandalwood), Citrus sinensis, peel (sweet orange), Ocimum basilicum, leaf (basil), Sclerocarya birrea, seed (marula oil), Rosa canina, fruit (rosehip oil), Simmondsia chinensis, seed (jojoba oil).

Apply under the jaw line, on wrists, throat, temples, or pulse points as desired and massage into skin.

Size: 10 ml (0.34 fl oz.)

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